Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tbilisi Support International

Tbilisi Support International is an open international network established by the UR and Tbilisi Preservation Society ("Tfilisis Hamqari") to support and facilitate the rehabilitation, enhancement and sustainable development of the historic centre of Tbilisi, the capital of the republic of Georgia.

Anyone can join the Tbilisi Support International.

This is global community, the members of which:
• in one or another way got to know Tbilisi and its historic centre
• ever lived, visited or wish to visit Tbilisi in future
• care about the future of the historic city
• are willing to have high quality working, living and recreational environment in the historic centre of Tbilisi and equally accessible to all the members of the society.
• are willing to invest their knowledge, time, money, efforts or otherwise support rehabilitation, enhancement and sustainable development of Tbilisi historic centre.

The goal of TSI is to increase public participation and awareness about the problems of the historic city, to make the decision-making more transparent and to establish the platform for all the layers of the society to have a voice in determining the future of the city.

The TSI is willing:
• to be informed on the development and rehabilitation of the Tbilisi historic centre
• to facilitate the sustainable decision-making by bringing public opinion and expert advice to the city government
• to encourage sustainable investments for rehabilitation and prosperity of the Tbilisi historic centre
• to facilitate creation of the high quality urban environment in the Tbilisi historic centre

TSI is based on the internet media that connects us to share advice, comments, opinions and ideas, to raise funds and encourage donations and cooperate in organizing events, actions, discussions about the problems of Tbilisi historic centre.

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