Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tbilisi Support International: Update from Warsaw


Mirza Shafi street in Tbilisi has been totally demolished under the renewal scheme initiated by the municipality and private inverstors. Not only the buildings but part of the mountain is also being destroied. All these interventions are conducted with no supervision of archaeologists and with total neglect of the legal procedures.
On monday 2 march the first protest action was held by the Tbilisi Preservation Society - Tfilisis Hamqari. The pressure from this organization resulted in halting the discussion on the future project, however there is nothing to be done with the destroied townscape of Abanotubani - the oldest part of Tbilisi city.
The uncontrolled new development in the heart of Old Town is likely to be continued. All the professionals and citizens alike should stand together against the neo-dictatorship of the authorities. At the moment there is no information available for public on the plans and ongoing processes in Tbilisi and there is no transparency in decision making. Tfilisis Hamqari is planning new campaigns.
International support can be realised through opening the discussion on the subject of rehabilitation and future of old cities. Whose heritage it is? To whom does the city belong? Who decides upon our living environments? What should we do to save our heritage? these and other questions should be put forward to prepare the conceptual basis for analysing the development problems of Tbilisi in the current socio-political and economic context.

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  1. Amazing! The same ptoblem as we have with Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi. Some uneducated and totally unprofessional polititians, just in order to keep their posts closer to the upcoming elections (Local elections in Georgia sheduled in May 2010) are trying to make publicity!! Demolishing everything they can, giving promices to poor population of whole urban quarters, surely especially in the heard of the old town(s) and putting the society under pressure of time as those, whos houses were already demolished are becoming supporters of these polititians seeing danger in electing other people (probably much better) as they become linked to each other by hope (often unrealistic) to recover their living sphace in the same location as before. Current LG in Georgia and especially in Tbilisi (appointed Major Gigi Ugulava)are criminals in their majority using funds given to support their National Movement budget and demolishing historical centers of couple of olsd towns were still remained from Communist Era